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You have to Keep Daring and Keep Diving

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Keep diving and Daring

Life is a continuous process, as every day we continue to grow. Unfortunately, we cannot decide whether we want to grow or not. The best we can do is push our boundaries through growth to what you believe in.

Life is like a product that has a creation date and an expiry date. As long as that product exists, time is ticking. Each day takes it a little closer to its expiry date.

The product is useful as long as it gives the desired value of the money’s worth.

For the product to stay relevant, the creator’s will have to continually improve the user experience. Otherwise, the product will lose its market value because other products in the same category, will outshine it.

Our life’s usefulness is based on experiences we create for ourselves and we must always try to achieve our inner drive to be more than just an ordinary person.

For anyone to have great experiences, we have to continuously move forward testing uncharted waters, moving out of our comfort zones and stepping into the wild without acknowledging all that could go wrong.

We can decide to stick to what we know, but the trill of this life is when you decide to occasionally let go. And doing things that might make us uncomfortable. We are the author of our experiences. As much as our experiences belong to us, it’s also a light to others to guide them in this life.

Ask yourself this: Is the life you live, giving you the satisfaction of its existence?

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