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Why Kwaku Ananse stories were never written but told

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Kwaku Ananse murmured; “If I could write my life adventures down. It will be passed on from generation to generation. I could share the wisdom bestowed on me by the almighty with the world. I need to educate myself. “

So he signed up to attend the Oti Junior High School (JHS)

His wife, Asase Yaa was against the idea, and said,” For someone who has never been to school, you can’t just start from JHS.”

Kwaku Ananse replied,” I am too old to be in the same class with or be the junior to Ntikoma my son. How? Besides, i am the wisest person in this world. I can ever start from the university level.”

Asase Yaa replied, “If you say so.”

He ignored his wifes’ advise and determined to at least complete JHS with a basic level certificate and just maybe might continue to a Senior High School (SHS).

After signing up to attend Oti JHS, he was asked to report on the first day of school which happened to be about 2 weeks away. He prepared for school by buying his uniform, and all the textbooks needed.

On the day of reopening, he was the first to arrive in class. After about an hour or so, his new teacher, Miss Yvonne Baffour entered the class. All the students got up to greet. It was a daily ritual which was done as early as Pre-school. Kwaku Ananse, new to the educational systems rules and regulation hesitated a bit after a few minutes and he stood up.

The class after standing up said, “Good Morning Miss Baffour!”

Miss Baffour responded, “Good Morning Everyone. Please take your seat.”

Kwaku Ananse just stood there, staring at everyone, trying to both understand what was going on and to conform. Miss Baffour noticed how confuse Kwaku Ananse was.

She asked, “How can one person make so many stupid mistakes in one day.”

He answered, “Its because I get up early.”

The entire class laughed for a moment and Miss Baffour still staring at him with a frown on her face.

She said, “Everyone who thinks you’re stupid, keep standing”.

Kwaku Ananse still standing.

Miss Baffour still staring at him asked, “Do you think you are stupid?”

He replied, “No, ma’am but I hate to see you standing there all by yourself”.

Almost everyone in the class thought it was funny and they all started laughing loudly, except Miss Baffour. She angrily shouted to make everyone stop and walked to her table. Stood there for a moment, tapping her feet, with her head bowed down.

“Do you think I have idiot written on my forehead?” raising her head to look at him.

He replied with a grin, “I don’t know. I can’t read.”

This answer infuriated Miss Baffour, she shouted ” Get out of my class, I never want to see that ugly forehead in this class again.”

Kwaku Ananse, left the class never to return to school ever again. He decided that school was not for him. So instead of writing down his stories, it should rather be told orally.

This is why Kwaku Ananse stories where never written but have been passed on from generation to generation in the oral form.

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