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Trotros are the best we have, keep your negative comments to yourself.

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Trotros are probably one of the unsafe forms of transportation available in Ghana today. Yet it’s one of the most important transportation systems that have driven our economic activities to what we have today.

We continually blame them for all the problems on our roads, from frequent break downs, to unauthorized parking and loading, to the loss of lives. They have still supported our economy immensely. They have done far better than what any government has done in the transportation business over the years of democracy. Which is nothing to write home about.

The negative comments about trotros in this country are just too much, and the way we degrade operators of trotros must stop. Instead, we must recommend them for their contributions because without them transportation in this country would have been in a mess.

Trotros are poorly maintained, the driving skills of the drivers of these vehicles are questionable, their educational level is low, lots of issues. They are probably death traps. But no matter the ideas on paper for a heavenly transport system, its what we have. With all their problems trotros manages to move millions to their sources of income and bring them back home.

The government over the years haven’t been able to properly manage any transportation system. See what has happened to the Aayalolo rapid transportation system. And yet these private owners have been able to manage and expand the trotros activities to almost every corner of the country. Did you know trotros are used by 70% of Ghanaian commuters? Without these trotros, at best everyone would have to own a car, and the traffic would be worse than it is now. And at worst, we have to use motorbikes for transport.

So, if you have any safe alternative transport system available now at the same cost, tell us. But If you don’t for now you should just keep your negative comments to yourself. If you have any advice, send it to the person you stood in the long queue to vote for. Or the next time before you vote, please insist on a better transportation system. If it’s too much for you just buy your own car, or walk to your destinations. And let us have our peace of mind.

Either way, with all the problems trotros may have and with all the dangers they pose. They are probably the best thing going for us at this moment.

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