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The Joy of Life, the journey in the fulfilment of your dreams

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The Joy of Life

Life is like playing songs on a player looking for a particular song and not sure of the title of the song but can recognize the melody if it were been played. You need to play the songs one after the other until you get to that particular song playing in your head.

As you go through these songs on the player. You will allow some of the songs to play to its end and enjoy it anyways even though it’s not the song you are searching for.

And when you find the song you been searching for, you get that sense of fulfilment listening to it. This should make you happy because this was the song you have been searching for the entire time.

Even though you allowed yourself enjoy probably most of the songs. You stay true to yourself and focused to the end. You didn’t allow any of the songs to distract you from getting to the play the song you have been searching for.

This is how life is. The journey through life should be with a purpose to achieve a dream on the journey to achieving your dreams; you need to take time to enjoy the journey, take risks and make every experience a memorable one.

Even if you don’t get to achieve your dreams. At least you have had a great time because you had fun every moment until the end.

The joy of life is not in the fulfilment of a dream, it’s the journey in the fulfilment of the dream.

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