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Must Everything be Political – Revocation of the Licenses of 23 Savings and Loans companies

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The revocation of the licenses of 23 savings and loans companies has sparked debates across the political divide. It’s surprising why everything in this country has to be political.

Sadly, people have lost their jobs. But the truth is people may have their life savings lodged with these savings and loans companies. And this somehow is not a problem, it rather looks like scoring political points is better apparently.

Why are people not crying for those who may have lost money but the focus is always on job loses. What is the use of an employee, when their customers have been trying for months to withdraw their own money but to no avail?

Believe it or not, employees are equally accountable for the state of the company they work for? So why must we cry for them? No matter the explanations, and who should take the ultimate responsibility. Employees cannot be ruled out as part of the state of the company, they work for.

All the years of savings may have amounted to nothing. And we cry for someone who has been taking a salary when people may have lost their future.

The political twist even muddies the water. When you have a group of people divided politically, some smart people can easily enrich themselves at the expense of the rest. While everyone is busily accusing each other, your political party has cause more job loses, your political party caused the problem.

The people who caused the mess and enjoying their riches. While we are shouting at each other across the political divide in our poverty.
Instead, if we could turn our attention to the people responsible for this and make sure that they correct the wrong. We can all secure our future for it not to happen again. We are rather immersed in the blame game.

In conclusion

The blame game won’t help anyone. Those who lost their jobs its unfortunate. But more important is the innocent people, who are struggling to make a decent living, may have lost their savings and that should be our focus.

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