Wed. Feb 19th, 2020


theVoice of Reason

Do I live or worry? The fear of the unknown.

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The fear of the known keeps our minds awake to the fact that we don’t know what life holds for us.

The daunting fear of not knowing all the consequences of our decisions and actions.

Is what makes life’s journey like driving through the dark?

With our headlights showing pieces of it on the journey.

You ask, how do I live if I do not know what life holds for me?

Or there is a crystal ball to find out if my future is bright.

Do I live or worry?

Just Live because Life’s gift is the unpredictability;

Learn from the experiences of others and the consequences of their actions and let it guide you.

Surely a brick would be thrown at your door.

And you will be alive again

This will awaken a feeling of happiness in you.

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