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Begin to think greatness, to make our lives a living example of what is possible

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Greatness is an achievement to make what was impossible possible. Not acknowledging the things that will make your dreams impossible.

Our dreams should be the mark, what we want to leave on this earth. Our legacy to make us immortal and our contribution to make the world better than we met it.

Greatness is not easy, it is difficult. So to enter the greatness zone, you have to be mentally focused. And be will-powered to achieve great things. This is the reason why there are fewer men and women of greatness.

How can one be Great

To be great is entirely got to do with how motivated we are. It has nothing to do with how we were born, the family we grew up in or who we are as a person.  There are a lot of examples around us of people achieving greatness with life-giving them very little.

Why Most of Ghanaian’s not Great

Most of Ghanaian’s feel fulfilled if they build a house and buy a car. We live our lives in competition with one another. And this limits what we can achieve as a people. We only think of wealth creation, making most of us unable to reach greatness.

We have a collective dream as a people because it’s what society measures us with. And this does not allow us to dream so hugely that it scares us to think about it.

The culture of a people that makes their nations highly developed don’t measure by wealth but what people have achieved, wealth should be a byproduct of what we have achieved and not the focus of our achievements.

What to do to be Great

We must understand that, to be great, is entirely on how motivated we are to make it possible. To surmount whatever life throws at us, and not be distracted from our dreams. Life can throw heavy rocks that would paralyze you. But it’s up to you to lift them off and nurse yourself back to health.  You have to have the strength to lift the rocks and this is more of how determined you are, as strength lies in motivation.

Everything we want to be in this world is possible. All that we want to achieve is doable but it depends on how much we are willing to give up to get what we want. The more you want, the more you have to give up.

If people were able to go to the moon, how is it not possible for you to achieve anything you want?

All you have to do is to dream without any constrains, don’t allow the type of soil, determine how well your plant should grow, don’t allow any shade to block the light in you, that could shine and finally don’t allow the opinions of people shake the foundation of your dreams.

It is good to share your dreams with people around you but you have to be careful how you listen to them, the issue is that people advise you based on their experiences, what they consider achievable and what they have achieved in life.

These factors affect what they have to say about your dreams. Because the person might not be able to comprehend your dream, they will reiterate all the impossibilities of your dreams to become a reality. It is not that they don’t want you to succeed; it’s just that they are not able to share in it. This will tend to discourage you, but you have to be absolute in your mind as to what you want.

Let’s begin to think greatness, to make our lives a living example of what is possible

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